07. März 2017

BLUE Consult ist IBM Platinum Business Partner

BLUE Consult wurde zum IBM Platinum Business Partner ausgezeichnet und ist somit einer von lediglich 74 Systemhäusern weltweit, die den höchsten Partnerstatus erreicht haben. Damit würdigt IBM die BLUE Consult vor allem für ihre hervorragende Expertise und Lösungskompetenz im IBM Umfeld.

Offizielles Statement der IBM, Marc Dupaquier (Geschäftsführer IBM Global Business Partners):

"Yesterday, IBM announced your company as part of our inaugural class of Platinum Business Partners via an IBM blog post (, social media and targeted media outreach. [...] Today I am proud to announce that we have already seen incredible momentum with our Business Partner firms around the world. In only 18 days, 4,998 firms have reached Silver, 2,503 have reached Gold, and 74 have achieved our highest level, Platinum. These companies have demonstrated excellence in IBM technologies and proven that they have the expertise and capabilities to help their clients succeed in their digital transformation efforts. Their momentum makes it clear that our new way of working together enables fast growth and success."